About Mona Tenjo

When you start out as a Young Professional straight from university, your expectations are high. You have invested years of your life to be prepared for work – and here comes reality! Suddenly nobody praises your good effort anymore, the official hierarchy does not really matter in reality and all of the sudden people try to get rid of you and you don’t even know why.

I’ve been there! Several times even! I am 32 years old and worked for 6 different companies in 11 different job profiles. The companies ranged from a small local 30-people company up to a DAX30 company with more than 60.000 employees. My job profiles ranged from working in a production facility during the summer break just to earn some money up to sending out reminders to clients that did not pay, accounting, assistant jobs, IT consulting, Lobbying in the European Union, PreSales, Trainer and Expert roles.

I had to overcome challenges – big ones! I was yelled at by clients, was close to burn-out several times, had to deal with bosses that I had no idea how to handle them, had to juggle 20 different tasks with equal priority all to be completed as soon as possible, had to jump into activities I was not trained for not getting any support and just having to find my own way – which is often not the most efficient way to do it. I got through all of these sometimes really painful experiences – and I want you to benefit from my experience! I have more than 14 years of trial-and-error experience that I can share with you. And that is my mission: To make your life easier and get you the Kickstart that you deserve!

About Hajo Sonntag

Hajo started his career in a small family-owned business with only 25 employees. Throughout his professional life, he grew into positions at corporates with more than 600.000 people - ranging from young startups to established corporations with rich history. He was holding various positions from Mechanics, to Engineer, to Global Project Manager and seen all facets of technical enterprises.

Over the years, he was working with perfectly prepared and experienced managers, as well as unexperienced and clueless managers. This made him realize how important your own standard is and that you have to get there by yourself, since companies usually expect you to be ready but they don't help you getting ready.

His specialization in project and product management made him the key interface between departments and all hierarchy levels. He learned fast how people function and what they are looking for - not always the easy way. He had to deal with many diplomatic games and internal politics that left him really frustrated at times.

With focus on strategy and processes, he enjoys developing businesses and systems, and mentors his close circle to become successful. As former trainer for Judo, holding a black belt, he trained the youth early in skills that not only benefit them in sports. Values like respect, humbleness and hard work are part of his private and professional life and make him a great coach.

Our Vision and Mission

Most people working in a company today experienced fundamental difficulties when starting their first job. The educational system does provide knowledge, but it does not equip graduates with the necessary skills to be successful in the following chapter of their life.

It is our vision and declared mission to bring these two essential chapters of our life closer together and close the gap between academic education and professional work life, to enable graduates to a smooth transition into their professional career and succeed right from the start.

Our Values

First and foremost we want YOU to be successful! Our primary interest is to provide value to our clients, train them on the job requirements and assist them in any issues that they might face regarding their jobs.

We train our clients hands-on with practical exercises and real-life examples. We will add theoretical background information where it makes sense for understanding the overall issue. But the focus is a practical approach.