Why Coaching?

Our goal is to enable Young Professionals starting out in professional life to kick-start their career the right way.

Coaching is a fast way to achieve visible and measurable results. We develop solutions to your specific problems, provide mental support in difficult situations and open up options that might not be clear to you in your current situation.

We offer coachings for emergency support but also for medium- to long-term development.

Emergency Support Coaching

Are you facing a serious situation at work where you need immediate support? Somebody to talk to? Somebody to show you alternatives and options that you can use? Somebody that helps you in dealing with overwhelm and getting priorities back in order?

Emergency Support Coaching offers you short-term support with your urgent issues. Schedule a call with us, if you need assistance with one of the following or other similar issues:

  • Critical issues with your manager (e.g. bad feedback, unterperforming, mismatching expectations)
  • Critical issues with your colleagues (e.g. bullying, no support, bad atmosphere)
  • Preparation for an important meeting or a presentation
  • Dealing with massive overwhelm
  • Urgent questions you want to have answered
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Kick-Start Success Mentoring

Do you want to develop your career strategically? Improve your skills? Work on your weaknesses? Develop new skills?

Kick-Start Success Mentoring is designed to support you in developing your skills based on your needs. Schedule a call with us, if you need assistance with one of the following or other similar topics:

  • Improving your presentation skills
  • Enhancing your networking skills
  • Improving your negotiation skills
  • Upgrading your mindset
  • Creating a career development plan
  • Improving your self-confidence and social competence
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Q&A Webinar

Do you have dedicated questions that you would like to have directly answered? Would you like to hear what kind of problems other graduates face?

In regular Q&A Webinars of 1 hour each, we provide you the possibility to ask any question that you have regarding your start into your professional life. Let us know via the questionnaire, which topics you would like to address and join a webinar that fits your schedule to get your response. Furthermore, feel free to ask follow-up questions and join the discussions.

  • Get direct response to your questions
  • Possibility to discuss your topics in a group setting
  • Learn from experiences of other graduates
  • Open format in Q&A style
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