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Are you working in a decent sized company with different locations throughout the country or even globally? Are you working with outside vendors or clients? Do you arrange events, develop new locations or realize cross-regional projects? If only one of these questions can be answered with yes, then you will travel sooner or later for business purposes.

Business travels are not a vacation. But they can be a booster for your career and open new doors for you, if done right.

This course will help you prevent damage and open doors.

What to expect (preview):

  • What to expect from business trips
  • How to prepare your trip
  • Dos and Don'ts for business travels
  • How business trips benefit your career
  • How to enjoy business travels

How this benefits you:

  • Travel with confidence and create memories
  • Be productive and optimize your travel time
  • Master work-life-balance during your trip
  • Feel like a travel expert by knowing what can go wrong and avoiding it
  • Create a valuable network around yourself
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This course consists of different modules. Each is targeted at specific topics and/or problems.

The step-by-step methodology is easy to follow and can be implemented immediately. Supporting materials will be available to you to download and we recommend taking notes to maximize the learning effect.

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