Life With Your Colleagues

Success is not a one-(wo)man show. No success is self-made. You always need a team to make things happen!

It's not new to you that teams consist of individuals, and each of them has hos/her own character, style, experience, knowledge, opinion, way of doing things, etc.

To be successful you need to know how to interact with your colleagues in a way that they enjoy working with you. This course will show you how to achieve that and how to avoid stumbling blocks.

What to expect (preview):

  • Know how to identify different types of co-workers
  • Understand roles and dynamics of groups
  • Find and claim your spot - integrate into existing teams
  • Master communication and conflicts within the team
  • Get recognition for your contributions
  • Learn how to maximize team results

How this benefits you:

  • Know how to interact with other colleagues
  • Be respected and accepted
  • Integrate easily into existing groups
  • Get the support you need for daily tasks
  • Be confident in discussions and know how to handle conflicts
  • Be someone fun to work with
  • Enjoy working with your team
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This course consists of different modules. Each is targeted at specific topics and/or problems.

The step-by-step methodology is easy to follow and can be implemented immediately. Supporting materials will be available to you to download and we recommend taking notes to maximize the learning effect.

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