Managing Your Manager

Your manager is without question one of the most important figures in your professional life. A good manager can motivate you to deliver astonishing results while you even enjoy performing difficult tasks. A bad manager on the other side can frustrate you and make it a pain to get up in the morning. Also, it is your manager who judges your performance and decides which tasks you get to perform and how high your bonus is. The good thing is that you can influence your manager, you just need to know how...

This course will teach you how to determine what kind of leader your manager is and what you can do to create a good standing for yourself. Keep in mind that your manager can open doors for you, but also close them. It is on you to steer into the right direction!

What to expect (preview):

  • Know the different types of management styles
  • How to read expectations and deliver accordingly
  • Giving and handling feedback
  • Learn how to predict problems
  • Learn how to influence your manager without him/her even taking notice
  • What to do if you ended up with a weak manager

How this benefits you:

  • Be more confident by understanding what kind of leader you are dealing with
  • Be able to avoid and handle uncomfortable situations
  • Know "the little things" that make the difference
  • Understand what it takes to climb the career ladder and get promoted faster
  • Build a solid relationship which makes you enjoy work
  • Know how to take your career into your own hands
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This course consists of different modules. Each is targeted at specific topics and/or problems.

The step-by-step methodology is easy to follow and can be implemented immediately. Supporting materials will be available to you to download and we recommend taking notes to maximize the learning effect.

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