Swarm Intelligence

You are a specialist in your area. That's great! Do you know how many other areas there are? All together create the success of the company. Not just one single employee or team. It is a big team of experts which makes big things happen!

Do you know how your job interacts with your colleagues' tasks? Let's take Sales as example: even if you are not working in the sales department, aren't you selling your company to your family and friends when they ask you what you like about it? Don't you sell an idea to your manager if you want to convince him/her of starting a project? You have more roles than you think, and learning the skills from other roles will benefit you dramatically!

Learn how to do that and get more insights in this course. It will help you being more successful and stand out from the masses, which gets you promoted faster.

What to expect (preview):

  • Essential departments and their responsibilities
  • How value is created
  • Cross-company processes and inter-departmental project work
  • Typical conflicts between departments
  • How to connect right for success

How this benefits you:

  • Expand your horizon by learning to see things holistic
  • Become more strategic in your position by understanding the overall value chain of a company
  • Learn new skills from other colleagues
  • Become an innovator in your area by adopting best practices from other departments
  • Prevent issues through better cross-departmental understanding
  • Expand your network and make yourself known in your company
  • Qualify yourself for upper management positions
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This course consists of different modules. Each is targeted at specific topics and/or problems.

The step-by-step methodology is easy to follow and can be implemented immediately. Supporting materials will be available to you to download and we recommend taking notes to maximize the learning effect.

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